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Friday, January 21, 2011

Angry Girls

So yeah. I was listening to the radio and there was a story on that there is a growing trend in violence among girls. This male PhD was trying to advise parents how to prevent this in young girls. He explained the situation may stem from competive situations with male counterparts or violence in today's media. His advice to the parents? Keep violent influences away from young girls, don't allow them to make crude jokes, and of course control what they watch.
I have a problem with this. For one thing, I feel the competion is not just with males but definitely with females. I feel enormous pressure even in the church to be as good as the next woman. To be as good a cook, as good as a wife, as good looking. I don't have kids yet, but I shudder at the mom competition. Also, I am not by nature violent or confrontational, but I have had what could be considered very mild violent outbursts. (Verbal, like I said, I am a meek mouse. I'll never beat anyone up on MTV.) Usually I am alone with myself and God, but I would say my "violence" is brought on by situations that were unavoidable, and where I could not control the outcome whatsoever. Nor could my parental units.
For instance in the job environment when I was being harrassed by someone above me and despite my reports I could not get any help. This is the situation that I feel changed me from a "girl" to a woman in the workforce. However, I tend to expect to be screwed over for the most part now, so I don't know if that is the best attitude. But I was forced to stand up for myself and confront someone by myself without my parents or anyone else and say that what was going on was wrong.
Truly I would say to my girl, you can't control the way other people are going to act, only the way you are going to react. Jesus gives us great examples of how to react to people, there are always great people on earth to look up to, and in the heat of the moment you have to remember, there are consequences to how you react to people. People are going to hurt you, but that doesn't mean that you hurt people.
Goodness knows I can say it, but I am spending a lifetime trying to figure that last one out.