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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have been working this week on rediscovering my passion. The numbness I have been feeling is worse than the pain. Discovering Jim Jones and his heinous acts on his followers opened the world of dangerous cults to me. I felt for these people who lost their lives in a jungle. I wanted to be able to save them. I want to save future people from suffering the same deaths as these from the past. Because no matter what anyone thinks, from blaming the victims to thinking that Jim Jones was just one of kind, they are wrong. It not only can happen, it will. Focusing on these people reawakened why I feel for people who are suffering from abusive cults. But my passion is more heated up by researching Scientology and the current abuse they are inflicting on their poor members over and over as I write. If you do a web search with "Scientology deaths" you will find numerous entries...more than be appreciated. These are people...people just like you and me. Any group that asks for as much as Scientology does (either thousands for courses or a billion year contract) should appreciate its members more. Instead, once they have taken all that they can, they seem to see these people as disposable. What may be worse are the people who keep their physical lives but suffer from mental illness for the rest of their lives from their treatment by the organization. I would imagine there are many more deaths that are not recorded as Scientology deaths but are related by the destruction that was brought to these poor souls who were left alone to suffer the psychological effects of this cult all on their own.