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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Huggable, Lovable

I wonder sometimes if I am not as cuddly as a Christian should be. Bible studies bring this out in me. I love discussing the Bible, theology especially, and I do love meeting people, but...
I always love the Bible, the theology, the truth more. If the truth hurts someone's feelings, I almost don't care. But feeling the way I do, I can lose out on a lot of relationships.
In the last group I co-taught, I was definitely not the one most people came to. Now people came to me, but not if they wanted comfort. I was/am not the kind to hold you, rock you, and talk to you over and over about your problems. If you have a problem, let's address a solution. Until you take action, I generally have nothing else to say.
I worry because I do not know if I am the kind of person I would bring my own troubles to. Do I belong in a Bible study as a leader, or should I just remain one of the attenders?

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