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Sunday, February 24, 2013

In Hiding...

One of the most shameful things as a Christian is to admit that you are not as in control of your life as you think you should be.

I have been struggling with a deep depression since my last couple posts. I admit freely that sometimes I become so depressed I cannot leave the house or function. But this does not make me (or you, if you know what I am saying) less of a Christian.

But a crappy Christian? Perhaps. I do become more selfish. I want only what makes me comfortable. I feel so bad, I feel like I deserve it. But my life is not all about me.

No matter how dark your days may get, never forget that life does not revolve around you. When a life is as it should be, it will be all about God.

I am going to try to write my way out of this darkness, so hopefully I will have more for you soon.

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