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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Commercial Gets It Right

So, one of my favorite commercials is the one where the "depression" is pictured as a dark item (an umbrella, a robe) that is a constant in the life of the sufferer. It is the most accurate depiction I have ever seen. Even after the medication takes hold, the depression remains in the picture, although it is not on top of the poor girl anymore. I see this in my life. Some days the depression is not in control, but it always is in the picture. It remains in my life, just not right on top of me. And just like the commercial with the robe, sometimes I almost make it out of the grip, however it comes up behind me and tackles me. I cannot grow with this depression on my back. I need to shake myself free by taking care of myself. With or with medication I need to have faith that God wants more for my life than to suffer from this awful disease. And He feels the same about any one of you who suffers the same.

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