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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hurting for CT

I am somewhat hesitant to add more to what is being said about the shooting in Newton, CT. Better minds than my own have discussed the incidents in the Northeast and my words will not improve on their thoughts. But to ignore an event so huge feels wrong. But what can I possibly say? The truth is words will not heal the wounds of our brothers and sisters in CT. As Christians it should be a desire to react, to want to help. And sometimes, if I am honest, prayer does not seem like action. It can seem very passive. But truly, truly, when we pray, God acts. And God's action is so much better and so much greater than anything we can do on our own. God doesn't just provide words that calm or soothe, He is not just some spouter of clich├ęs. God has the ability to see into the souls of each person, child, parent, teacher, etc. and see just what that person needs. And He can and will provide it. It has become the thing to do, to say "our prayers are with you" when a tragedy knocks on the door of someone else. But do we really mean it? Let us not just say that to Newton today. Let's really do it. Let's really keep the community in prayer throughout the day. And most of all, let's really expect our prayers to reach someone out there as well. With love to you all, Laura

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