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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The "War" on Christmas

A label put on those who would rather say, “Happy Holidays” than “Merry Christmas”, the War on Christmas has become a recent pastime for Christians to bash those who believe differently. While I strongly believe in putting the “Christ” into Christmas, I have to say that our Savior’s birth was never meant as an opportunity to attack those who do not believe in Him as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I agree that perhaps taking our money elsewhere when a company refuses to acknowledge our very holiday and will only speak of it in hushed plural tones. But you will not find me on YouTube declaring Banana Republic a bunch of godless heathens. (At least not for this reason. Thirty bucks for a white tee, come on!) The reason being? Philip Yancey said that “no one ever became a Christian because they lost the argument.” What is our point in all the ferocity? What person in their right mind would want to join in on this kind of activity? Trust me, I know that Christians are under attack. But truly, Jesus told us we would be. (John 15:18) So why are we surprised? Why should we have it any better than our Savior? We were never promised life would be cushy. We have been given great insight into our world and what is coming. Let’s act like we are at the very least familiar with the way the story will go.

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