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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Working for God

I do my best to work for God. But often times what I feel God calls me to do makes me uncomfortable. So instead I like to curl up with a good book or watch t.v. and try to escape those uncomfortable feelings.
And then I feel guilty. Whenever I miss an opportunity to talk to someone about God or just share encouragement with someone who is difficult I feel bad. Like I am a broken cog in God's plan or some such thing. Fellow Christians, you may have felt this way before. But let me lay down some truth here for you.


Whether or not you go to church, whether or not you gave money, whether or not you stand up and share the Gospel, it's still not about you. The whole point of a life lived for Christ - it is all about Him.

God doesn't need us to complete His work here on Earth. He is going to finish His plans regardless of if we are a part of it. The only reason for us to get involved is because He loves us and He wants to bless us with the joy of being involved with something bigger than ourselves.

So don't ruin it and make it all about you. Remember, all we are is a speck of sand along God's big ocean. And being near the beach, I realize just how small that makes us. We are blessed to be invited just to share that same ocean with Him.

Loving Him.

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