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Monday, April 22, 2013

My Biggest Sin

Everyone struggles with sin. But for me I do not always have a lot to repent from each and every day. That is because of all my sins, the biggest one is that I do not do anything. And I mean anything at all. I easily spent most of yesterday on the couch watching DVDs of Friends. Maybe I spent some time tidying up. But mostly I watched Jennifer Aniston get thinner and thinner and napped.
All in all, I believe that making real mistakes is much better than making the mistake of doing nothing. How do we grow without first making a few mistakes? How do we correct what is wrong in our lives without doing anything at all?
All in all, I want to dive headfirst into my life, knowing that my sins are forgiven, not worrying about attaining perfection with everything rather than doing nothing. Not that I look for sin and such, but I wish to walk out the door everyday with a purpose rather than a routine.

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  1. Definitely better to do something. Go for it. Invest those talents and look for the return.